TV1000 Russkoje kino


Kariku ja Valja ebatavalised seiklused (Необыкновенные приключения Карика и Вали)




Torniga maja (Дом с башенкой)


Jalutuskäik Pariisis (Прогулка по Парижу)


Tuuma-Ivan (Атомный Иван)


Teater (Театр)


Siber, mu arm (Сибирь. Монамур)


Jõulupuud 3 (Yolki 3)

Our favourite characters from Yolki and Yolki 2 are back in the most festive comedy of the year. According to the theory of the boomerang of kindness, all kind deeds always return to those who do others good. Many things have changed in the lives of the main characters over the last two years, but the New Year will bring them together again. This time on New Year’s eve they will be united by the boomerang of kindness, which will come back to those who once threw it. To some it will come back in the form of smiles and presents, to others in the form of festive moods and new friends.


Eriliselt tähtis sõprus (Дружба особого назначения)


Mees garantiiga (Мужчина с гарантией)

There is an extraordinary person who works as a security guard in a very big and popular shopping centre. He is assisting everyone: salesmen, sellers, cleaners and barmen. He knows everything and everyone, and everybody knows and loves him! As well as working in the centre, he also lives in it and gets clothes free of charge, pays nothing for delicious food in the restaurants and sleeps in a furniture department all in a bid to make his dream come true.Soon one of his tasks becomes teaching a trainee everything he knows…. Although one thing he doesn’t know is that she is the owner of the shopping centre.


Sünge maailm: Tasakaal (Темный мир: Равновесие)

The shadows from the dark world begin to penetrate into the human world. Hungry creatures feed on people’s joy, happiness, love and even their time. As the evil power is growing it threatens to destroy the portal between the world of shadows and the world of humans. Now only love and a team of the devoted” can save the world from impending doom.


Aleksander. Nevski lahing (Александр. Невская битва)

The story of the first years in power of the Prince of Novgorod, Alexander Nevsky, who got his nickname at the age of 20 after a victory over Sweden in 1240.


Ohtlikud gastrollid (Опасные гастроли)


Maikuu vihm (Майский дождь)


Viimane nädalavahetus (Последний уик-энд)

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