TV1000 Russkoje kino


Nõiarohi (Рецепт колдуньи)


Bordelli tuled (Огни притона)


Kes ma olen? (Кто я?)


Kaks päeva (2 дня )


Ivan Brovkin uudismaal (Иван Бровкин на целине)


Koolivaheaeg Kreekas (Греческие каникулы)

Moskva tudengid Hippolit ja Sonja otsivad seiklusi ning sõidavad Ateenasse, et seal elus skulptuuridena” raha teenida. Ühel heal päeval teeb üks kreeklasest tuttav Hippolitile aga ahvatleva tööettepaneku, ning too kaob ilma Sonjale sõnagi lausumata… Režissöör Vera Storoževa. Peaosades Anna Arlanova, Juri Kolokolnikov, Tšulpan Hamatova, Jevgenija Dobrovolskaja.


Head uut aastat, emad! (С новым годом, мамы!)


Kokoko (Кококо)


Mees garantiiga (Man with a Guarantee)

There is an extraordinary person who works as a security guard in a very big and popular shopping centre. He is assisting everyone: salesmen, sellers, cleaners and barmen. He knows everything and everyone, and everybody knows and loves him! As well as working in the centre, he also lives in it and gets clothes free of charge, pays nothing for delicious food in the restaurants and sleeps in a furniture department all in a bid to make his dream come true.Soon one of his tasks becomes teaching a trainee everything he knows…. Although one thing he doesn’t know is that she is the owner of the shopping centre.


Pagendus (Изгнание)

Psühholoogiline draama armastuseta abielusuhetest ja võõrandumisest. Filmi aluseks on William Sarojani romaan. Režissöör Andrei Zvjagintsev. Peaosades Konstantin Lavronenko ja Aleksandr Balujev. Film kandideeris Cannes’i Kuldsele Palmioksale ning võitis samal festivalil parima meesnäitleja preemia (Konstantin Lavronenko)


Nõiarohi (Рецепт колдуньи)


Rahvuspoliitika eripärad (Особенности национальной политики)

General Ivolgin stands for election and immediately gets the highest ratings among his competitors. Communists, criminals, business people and journalists try their best to get his secret of popular passion, with each and every step proving that the politics is a dirty game. Directed by Yury Konopkin, Dmitri Meskhiyev. Starring Aleksey Buldakov, Semyon Strugachyov, Viktor Bychkov.


Meelelahutus (Забава)

The lives of different people – strangers to one another with apparently little in common – suddenly appear to share a very common interest: a dependency on drugs. These characters come in contact with these substances for different reasons: for many it is fun and pleasure, for some it brings death and for others it is the only way to survive in a big city and achieve their dreams. This is the story about how easy it is to take one wrong step and how difficult it is to return back.

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