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Naisevõtt (Женитьба)


Хозяйка Белых ночей (Хозяйка «Белых ночей»)


Gold (Gold)

The family of a merchant faces a court order over the gambling debts left by Gordey’s missing brother. The demand far exceeds the combined value of their property, and it’s impossible to challenge it through the courts – the money must be paid within two months. The only hope is to sell up and go on the run, but that means giving up everything that they have valued and treasured over the years. Нelp comes unexpectedly in the form of a real life gold mine! Gordey builds the mine, and everything seems to be going smoothly, until suddenly there is too much money, and everyone wants a slice of the pie. Can Gordey and his family manage their wealth and power responsibly?


Šapito-sõu: Austus ja koostöö (Шапито-шоу: Уважение и сотрудничество)


Kuulsusrikaste tegude lävel (В начале славных дел)


Mina tahan ka (Я тоже хочу)


Põgusad kohtumised (Короткие Встречи)


Ohtlikud gastrollid (Опасные гастроли)


Võssotski. Aitäh, et olen elus! (Высоцкий. Спасибо, что живой)


Põgusad kohtumised (Короткие Встречи)


Ohtlikud gastrollid (Опасные гастроли)


Kiik (Качели)

Karm eriagent on oma naisele truu, ent naine ei suuda valida tema ja oma boheemlasest armukese vahel. Režissöör Anton Sivers. (Peaosades Andrei Merzlikin ja Maria Mironova)


Kirgede fonogramm (Фонограмма страсти)

Nikolai Lebedev’s film Soundtrack of Passion reflects a continuing engagement with various popular film genres. Vita (Elena Nikolaeva), a young woman who works as an agent conducting audio surveillance in a private espionage agency, stumbles into a passionate affair with the handsome, silent Adam (the Italian Fabio Fulco), who ends up being the anonymous object of her professional scrutiny in addition to her uncontrollable lust-soon-love. They are soon the only individuals not in the know about this coincidence, and the key question becomes how to escape the spider’s web of surveillance and liquidations” before they, or their trust in one another, are fatally wounded. WON NIKA AWARD FOR BEST SOUNDTRECK. Directed by Nikolai Lebedev. Starring Elena Nikolaeva, Fabio Fulco, Sergei Garmash, Nina Usatova, Anatolii Belyi and Svetlana Toma.

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